Hand Forged Carbon Steel Skillets

From Forge to Table

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Welcome to Northwest Skillet Company


Peter Clark and Sue Miller make heirloom quality, hand forged skillets on their farm in Summerville, Oregon.

Peter handcrafts carbon steel pans and hand forged utensils with an emphasis on art and function. The handmade pans and handcrafted cookware are built in the old style to fit nicely in the hand and to reveal the human touch of the maker.

Northwest Skillet Company is unique in combining the two age-old crafts of metal spinning and hand forging to create the finest and most unique handmade carbon steel pans available anywhere!


How the Skillets are Made

Steel, copper, bronze, wrought iron. These are a few of the materials that Peter Clark works by hand into skillet creations for your home. Peter brings over 30 years of experience in fine craft to his blacksmithing work.

One of a kind skillet handles are forged through fire, hammer and anvil to be pleasing to the eye and the hand. Each carbon steel skillet pan is made by hand on a metal spinning lathe using techniques invented by the ancient Egyptians. In the true artisanal tradition, Peter works each piece individually with care and commitment to artistry and function. A true work of art from his heart to yours. 

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, demonstrates making a carbon steel pan at Northwest Skillet Company, the home of handcrafted, hand forged skillets!

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, forging a handle for the Pioneer Series.

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, forging handmade carbon steel skillets at Northwest Skillet Company. http://northwestskilletcompany.com/

The ring of the anvil beats to a steady cadence. Feel the heat of the fire, the weight of the hammer. Step into the blacksmith's shop at Homestead Springs Farm to be transported to a simpler time when all the tools and other necessaries of life were made by hand.

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