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Hand Forged Carbon Steel Skillets

Hand Crafted in Oregon of American Made Steel


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The Pioneer, the Grande Ronde, Sumpter and Glacier.... Evoking names of the past and the present to bring you a piece of Oregon's history and natural beauty. Find all our skillets and utensils here.


Forge to Table

Northwest Skillet Company can be found in NE Oregon as part of Homestead Springs Farm & Forge. Peter Clark and Sue Miller pursue their passions for blacksmithing, art, nature and critters in this remote corner of Oregon.


How We Make Our Skillets

Our beautiful hand spun carbon steel pans with their hand forged handles set Northwest Skillet Company in a class of our own. Peter Clark, a maker for over 40 years, brings together fire and steel to create skillets that are each a work of art.

Why Carbon Steel?

We regularly hear from our customers that even though they have other pans available in their kitchen, our carbon steel pans are the ones they reach for first. Why are people so passionate about cooking with our carbon steel pans?

morels and eggs best.jpg
  • Healthy. Our handmade pans are pure steel with absolutely no chemical coatings.
  • Season with ease. Our smooth spun steel seasons beautifully to form a natural non-stick layer.
  • Responsive to temperature changes. Our carbon steel pans respond quickly to burner adjustments allowing precise temperature control.
  • Lighter. Carbon steel is lighter for its size than a pan made of cast iron.
  • Versatility. One pan does it all. Cook anything from delicate egg dishes to sauces to searing a steak and baking in the oven.
  • Unique. Northwest Skillet Company is the only handmade skillet maker combining the two age old crafts of metal spinning and hand forging to create the finest handmade carbon steel pans to be found anywhere.
  • No pot holder needed. The handle doesn't get hot when cooking on the stove top. Peter has designed the handles to dissipate the heat before it gets to you.
  • Artful design. We believe in art for every room of the house including the kitchen! Peter's original designs are as comfortable to the hand as they are pleasing to the eye. Our skillets are a great addition to the decor of any kitchen.
  • Heirloom Quality. Our handmade carbon steel pans are built to be used and loved and passed down through the generations.

Our Family of Skillets and Utensils

Watch Our Skillets Being Made in the Blacksmith's Shop

Pioneer stack with anvil 2 copy.jpg

The ring of the anvil beats a steady cadence.

Feel the heat of the fire, the weight of the hammer.

Step into the Blacksmith's shop at Homestead Springs Farm & Forge...

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, uses the ancient art of metal spinning to craft a carbon steel pan at Northwest Skillet Company, the home of handmade, hand forged skillets!

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, forging handmade carbon steel skillets at Northwest Skillet Company.

Peter Clark, artist blacksmith, forging a handle for the Pioneer Series skillet.


Peter Clark brings over 40 years of experience in fine craft to his blacksmithing work.

Northwest Skillet Company was born of a passion for the old ways blended with love of design and function.

Uniquely beautiful and exceptional to cook with, our skillets are as pleasing to the eye as they are comfortable to the hand.