The Glacier

The Glacier

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Ancient glaciers sculpted the landscape of the Pacific Northwest leaving behind U-shaped valleys, steep sided moraines and deeply carved lakes. Remnants of these ancient sheets of ice can still be found in the high Cascades and the remote Wallowa Mountains of NE Oregon where they are important sources of water for rivers, streams and the surrounding landscape. 

Skillets sold individually or as a set

Available in 8", 10" and 13" sizes.  

Pot rack not included, available by commission. 

Our carbon steel skillets are naturally non-stick with no chemical coatings. See care instructions below. 

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Your new hand-forged carbon steel skillet has been pre-seasoned for you with an elegant dark blue heat patina. The fine grained carbon steel is naturally non-stick with no chemical coatings! A darker patina will develop over time enhancing the natural non-stick properties of the steel.

Clean your skillet after cooking and with hot water and a soft dishcloth. If bits of food have dried on remove with a hot water soak and a dishcloth. Do not use soap or abrasives as these can remove the seasoning. 

Dry the skillet thoroughly by warming on a burner to drive off all water. Apply a thin shine of vegetable oil with a cloth and you are done!

 Acidic foods may remove some of the seasoning coat. This will not harm your pan. Clean as usual and continue using to rebuild the patina.