The Pioneer

The Pioneer

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The pioneering design that launched Northwest Skillet Company with colonial lines and elegance such as might have endeared itself to west-bound travelers of days gone by. In pioneer hope chests were certainly found keepsakes from home, carried on that difficult and uncertain westward journey, a reminder of finer things left behind in pursuit of a rugged new life. 

Skillets sold individually or as a set. 

Available in 8", 10" and 13" sizes. 

Pot rack not included, available by commission.

Our carbon steel skillets are naturally non-stick with no chemical coatings. See care instructions below. 

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Your new hand-forged carbon steel skillet has been pre-seasoned for you with an elegant dark blue heat patina. The fine grained carbon steel is naturally non-stick with no chemical coatings! A darker patina will develop over time enhancing the natural non-stick properties of the steel.

Clean your skillet after cooking and with hot water and a soft dishcloth. If bits of food have dried on remove with a hot water soak and a dishcloth. Do not use soap or abrasives as these can remove the seasoning. 

Dry the skillet thoroughly by warming on a burner to drive off all water. Apply a thin shine of vegetable oil with a cloth and you are done!

 Acidic foods may remove some of the seasoning coat. This will not harm your pan. Clean as usual and continue using to rebuild the patina.