Care of your Carbon Steel Skillet

Your new hand forged carbon steel skillet has been pre-seasoned for you with pure olive oil and an elegant dark blue heat patina. The fine grained carbon steel has natural non-stick properties with no chemical coatings.

Continue building and improving the season coat on your skillet by using a small amount of release agent such as butter or olive oil when you cook. As the pan seasons a dark patina will develop over time enhancing the natural non-stick properties of the steel.

Clean your skillet after cooking with hot water and a soft dishcloth. If bits of food have dried on remove with a hot water soak and a dishcloth. Do not use soap or abrasives as these can remove the seasoning.

Dry the skillet thoroughly by warming on a burner to drive off all water. Apply a thin shine of vegetable oil with a cloth and you are done!

Acidic foods may remove some of the seasoning coat. This will not harm your pan. Clean as usual and continue to rebuild the seasoning.


Why Carbon Steel? 

Carbon steel skillets are well known and loved by professional chefs and are hugely popular in European kitchens. More and more home cooks around the world are discovering that a carbon steel skillet can do it all: bake, broil, sear, stir-fry and handle delicate foods like eggs or fish without sticking. 

Our carbon steel skillets are lighter and more responsive to changes in heat than cast iron, more versatile than non-stick and have no chemical coatings. Northwest Skillet pans are hand-spun which results in a tightly grained, naturally non-stick surface that gets better and better with use.